Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vocab on test was tough . . .

Being personally responsible for understanding vocabulary words in the context that an author uses them is a new idea for many of you. I know that many of you are upset about the difficulty of the vocabulary section on the Brave New World exam.

I also discovered that moribund was a word on the test because it was a word used last year, and I neglected to delete it when I revised the test this fall. So for sure everyone gets one free point. I always take tests out of the highest score, and, in fact, if one student has such a high score, I often take the test out of the second highest score.

After I run the scantron exams, I will post your grades again to Edline, and you can see what the test ends up being worth for points.

With the next book, you will continue to be personally responsible for understanding the vocabulary word in the context of the novel, and you will need to build your own definition. However, we can take more time on the words, making sure you fully understand them.

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