Friday, September 12, 2008

Brave New World Film Fesitval

Since the bridge map text to text and text to word analogies impressed me so much, I have decided that we need a Brave New World Film Festival. The festival will be held next Thursday and Friday, September 18 and 19.

Working with a partner, the two of you will decide which film sequence (of no more than 5 minutes) captures a specific analogy that you made between Brave New World and the other text or world event.

If you choose a film connection, you need to introduce the film clip by giving some background on the film and the context of the clip. You will also discuss the specific analogy at a thematic, character or plot level. Then the class will watch the clip, and a brief Q & A can follow if the class has questions.

If your partnership chooses to make a text to personal life or text to world analogy, try to find a film clip on youtube or elsewhere that illustrates your specific analogy. If you can't find a video or audio clip, then you will need to display a website that discusses the relevant information.

Your partnership may select a music video or audio file that makes an analogy between Brave New World and that text.

Partnerships that select music or historical events will also include an explanation of the analogy and be prepared for a class Q & A.

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