Monday, September 1, 2008

Supplies Needed

World Literature students use a single subject, composition notebook to showcase much of their work for class. Notebooks need to be in class every day! Use a Sharpie to write your name on the notebook and bring it to class every day starting Thursday, September 4, 2008. Fully prepared students also come to class with a pen, pencil, and highlighter.

In fact, you need to bring the following supplies to class on Thursday, September 4, 2008 as a required 3-point assignment:

1 composition notebook
1 pack of two glue sticks for use as a common classroom supply

You may also bring one of the following items for use as a common classroom supply to receive two points of extra credit:

a box of Kleenex
a ruler
a scissors
a pack of markers
a box of #2 pencils

Copies of Brave New World are also needed.

Student schedule changes over the summer resulted in increased enrollment for World Literature this fall, and the English department finds itself short copies of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.
We begin reading the novel this week, so please consider purchasing your own copy of the book for your personal library. Not only will you help out the class by being a good citizen, but also you will be able to mark your book, keeping track of key thematic quotations, summarizing events at the top of key pages, and creating a character tree map in the front cover. You could also check your bookshelves at home. This book is such a classic that many of you may have the book readily available from your home library. And some students have even found a copy of the book in an older sibling's room, and that sibling had me as a teacher and the novel is marked up already with key quotations.
Students have found copies of Brave New World for as low as $2 at Half Price Books in Miracle Mile Shopping Center.

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