Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Choice Book and Essay

The Choice Book Unit final multiple choice exam will be held Tuesday, Dec. 16 during the shortened late start day period. The 25-question test covers the characters, plot and setting of the book that you read.

The essay on your choice book is due Friday, Dec. 19. If you are absent from school that day and have not turned in the paper prior to Friday, please email it to me by 3:10 p.m.

Here are the essay prompts and checklist:

Essay Prompts:

1. How do political situations affect the personal relationships in the novel?

2. What does your choice novel teach the reader about the key components to a successful government?

3. What is the author saying about obsession in the novel?

4. Analyze the connection between hope and despair in your novel.

5. What does the novel say about the role of religion in people’s lives?

6. What is the author saying about mental health in the novel?

7. What is the author saying about nature’s healing power in the novel?

8. Compare and contrast the choice novel with either Brave New World or Things Fall Apart in terms of theme(s) developed.

Essay Checklist

____ The essay is at least two pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, with one inch margins.

____ The essay has a creative title.

____ The introduction has an attention-grabbing device like an anecdote or relevant quotation.

____ The book’s title and author is incorporated into the introduction.

____ The thesis statement includes specific cultural components and the connection to humanity.

____ The body paragraphs have clear topic sentences.

____ Analytical statements are supported with direct quotations from the novel.

____ MLA format is used to cite all direct quotations (e.g. Shelley 24) and other sources cited.

____ The essay is free of plagiarism.

____ The conclusion leaves the reader with a lasting impression by commenting on the relevance of the topic for the reader’s life. In other words, why do humans care about the issues discussed in the essay?

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