Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Siddhartha Vocab and Tests

The vocabulary test for Siddhartha will be on finals day along with a scantron exam on plot and characters and a blue book essay.

To study for vocab, see if you can answer the "I have . . . Who has" questions below. Also, you can create you the 4-square for your assigned word for extra credit by adding it as a comment to this post.

Who has a heap of combustibles for burning a corpse?

Who has the quality of being calm and even-tempered?

Who has the practice of self-denial and austerity?

Who has being elevated in status or of being of high rank?

Who has something that is essential to the nature of a thing?

Who has a wandering person who lives in the forest?

Who has to bring into existence or to give birth?

Who has pale or dull complexion?

Who has deep, extensive learning?

Who has utter discontent or boredom?

Who has burdensome or great difficulty?

Who has commanding respect and dignity?

Who has twisted or woven together?

Who has the act of asking for forgiveness or atonement?

Who has a prostitute or hooker?

Who has religious washing or ritual cleansing?

Who has reincarnation or cycle of life—death—rebirth?

Who has urging or making a strong emotional appeal?

Who has perfection, in other words the perfect syllable for meditation?


cara g said...

word: Om
syallbles: perfection perfect syllable and meditation
Picture: a man withy legs crossed and hands up with a bubble saying om
Definition: A perfect sylable used in meditation
sentence: during meditation siddhartha says om.

Eppel said...

Word: Venerable
Synonyms: revered, respected, dignified, admired
Picture: An old and wise teacher naturally receiving the silence and respect of his class.
Definition: Commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity

Danny Rose said...

Word: Engendered (p. 83)
Synonyms: To produce, originate, come into existence, to procreate, propagate
Picture: A newborn baby
Definition: Brought into existence, produced

Scott said...

Word: Erudition
Synonyms: Focus, Concentration, Learning
Picture: Student in deep focus in classroom
Definition: In-depth and extensive learning
Sentence: Siddhartha constantly finds himself in erudition.

Annie said...

word: atman
Synonyms: soul, beliefs, virtues
Picture: A peace sign or self
Definition: your personal soul or heart
Sentence: Siddhartha searches for his atman

Rima H said...

Word: pallid
Synonyms: fair, pale, white complexion
Picture: geisha, or a person under an umbrella with the sun shining above
Definition: a person with a pale complexion
Sentence: The women had a pallid look on her face after seeing the ghost.