Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things Fall Apart Vocabulary

World Lit students, click on comments for this post and write the information for your assigned vocabulary word. Complete information for 4-Square vocabulary includes 1) a dictionary definition, 2) a symbol or image that represents your word, 3) two synonyms that you think that your classmates will understand, and 4) the word used in an original sentence that shows complete understanding of the word. The sentence should be about Things Fall Apart in terms of character, symbol, plot, setting or theme. NOTE: Although you are not able to post an image with your comment, simply describe the image.

Once all of the entries are made, students may wish to copy and paste the complete definition information into a Word document and print that to glue in their notebooks. Students may even want to print a second copy of the vocabulary words to make flash cards to study for the test.

Here are the vocabulary words:

egwugwu, p. 4, a masquerader who impersonates an ancestral spirit

kola nut, p. 6, (same as cola) a nut from an African tree that contains caffeine

proverb, p. 7, a short saying that expresses some obvious truth

Oracle, p. 12, any person or place believed to be in communication with a Deity (God)

agbala, p. 13, a woman; or a man who has taken no title

malevolent, p. 13, wishing evil or harm to others, “nature, malevolent, red in tooth and claw.”

incipient, p. 13, just beginning to exist, “incipient laziness” of Nwoye

chi, p. 18, personal god

abomination, p. 18, something hateful and disgusting

tapper, p. 20, someone who taps trees to get the sap or oil

share-cropping, p. 22, a farmer who gives part of his profits to the landowner

cassava, p. 23, tuber (root starch) often used for tapioca

Ibo (Igbo), p. 27, an African people of Southeast Nigeria

bride-price, p. 40, the money paid by the groom’s family to the bride’s family

harbingers, p. 56, a person or thing that comes before to indicate what follows

effeminate, p. 58, having characteristics usually attributed to females; unmanly

plantains, p. 63, banana

ogbanje, p. 77, a child who repeatedly dies and returns to its mother to be reborn


Annie said...

Vocabulary 4 Square
Annie Nelson- Hour 5

1. (a cross, star of david)
2. One own's God, spirit, or soul
3. spirit, faith, soul, fortune
4. Unoka had an evil chi that followed him to his death

cara said...
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cara said...

Cara Gulbronson
Hour 2

kola nut

1.coffe, a tree with nuts falling
2.seed,caffine,african nut,coffee
3.a highly caffinated nut used by men to signify importance.
4.as the men sit and pass the kola nut around it signifies the importance of the meeting

Patricia said...

Patricia Liu
Hour 2

1. Symbol: New Testament
2. A saying that expresses a basic truth or wisdom.
3. Saying, Precept, Maxim
4. Unoka expresses proverbs of love in his last days to his son Okonkwo.

eolson said...

Vocabulary 4 Square
Evan Olson- Hour 5

1. (a man wearing a mask)
2. A person wearing a mask that acts as an ancestral spirit
3. Impersonator, Actor, Thespian
4. The egwugwu danced around the fire after eating a kola nut.

Ariel said...

Ariel Enriquez
Hour 5

Kola nut

1.(seeds, round object, nuts)
2. A nut high in caffeine shared amongst others.
3. nut, caffeine, traditional
4. The kola nut was shared between Okonkwo and the elder.

Rima H said...

Rima Hussain
Hour 2

pg 22

symbol: a farmer with overalls giving money to another man who has a lot of money in his other hand.

Definition: A farmer who gives part of his profits to the landowner.

Synonyms: Farmer, tenant, and renter.

Sentence: The farmers of Nigeria practice share-cropping.

CLARK said...

Paul Carnahan
kola nut
1. a picture of a tree with nuts on it
2. seed, caffeine, native nigerian nut
3. caffeine filled nut ate by men during meetings. The nut emphasizes how the meetings are important.
4. The kola nut is native to nigeria, and eaten by men such as Okonkwo.

Scott said...

Vocabulary 4 square
Scott Lewis- Hour 5


Definition: When someone hopes for evil or bad things to another.

Synonyms: cold-hearted, ill-treatment, cruelness

Sentence: Mother-Nature was malevolent and evil toward the farmers

hersh279 said...

Harsharn Singh
Hour 5

1. Picture of a banana, and banana tree
2. Its a type of fruit that grows on trees, has good potassium content.
3. food, fruit, banana,
4. Okonkwa shoots his second wife because she cut down his plantain tree. Food is important in their culture.

Ellie said...

Ellie Satoh
Hour 5

1)a woman, man
2)a woman or a man who has no title
3)Feminine man, girly man
4)Unoka was an agbala man who had no title

Brady said...

1. any person or place believed to be in communication with a Deity (God)
2. the pope
3. prophet, holy land
4. the igbo speak to a god through the oracle in the cave.

Gus said...

Gus Melcher
2nd Hour

agbala - a woman or a man without a title

Okonkwo's father was an agbala because he took no title.

milena said...

Milena Mase
hour 2

1. a plant growing
2. Just beginning to exist
3. onset, start, initial
4. Nwoye has an incipient laziness

Joey said...

Vocabulary 4 square
Joey Herring-5


definition: a vil, shameful, or detestable action, action, condition, or habit. a cause of abhorrence or disgust

Synonyms: disgusting, vile, or hated, nappy

Sentence: when Unoka died of swelling it was an abomination.

abbey said...

Abbey O'Donnell
Hour 2

1. A man imagining another man dead on the ground
2. Wishing for misfortune upon others
3. Malicious, Harmful, Influence
4. Okonkwo has malevolent thoughts towards his third wife.

Danny said...

Danny Rose - Hour 5

1. (a circular cycle of a child who repeatedly dies and is symbolically evil)
2. Wicked children are reborn to their mother in this evil cycle of birth and death.
3. Rebirth, Afterlife, Wicked, Evil, Cycle
4. The evil child who died and was reborn to his mother was an ogbanje.

Tessa said...

1. nazi symbol (hate)
2. something that is not accepted, often associated with negative connotation
3. hate, loathsome, disgust
4. Okonkwo thinks that his father's way of life is abominable

Britt Robb said...

Britt Robb
Hour 2


1.Okonkwo working hard and Nwoye sitting being lazy.
2.just about to start, being able to start to see it happen.
3. Starting,beginning, initiating
4. Nwoye incipient laziness reminds okonkowo of his lazy dead father.